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Dr. Tatsuya Ohno: Endometrium EBRT: FARO 2018

Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 15.45-17.00 pm

Dr. Tatsuya Ohno

For participants, I would like to ask to contour the “Uterus” and “CTV-LN”.
The “Uterus” includes both cervix and corpus. The “CTV-LN” indicates clinical target volume for pelvic lymph node region.

Uterus on slices 121, 142
CTV_LN on slices 98, 111, 118, 12

Disabled Contours: All contours disabled
Enabled Contours: None

Resource Files:
- Inoperable endometrial cancer Vignette
- EduCase Training Video: How to contour, complete the homework, and save/submit
- EduCase User Guide
- EduCase Metrics Guide (basic)

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