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EduCase FAQs

Need help with the EduCase application or the Website?

Please contact the "EduCase Support Team" for all your technical questions by opening a Support Ticket (Registered Users Only). Please read our EduCase User Guide before sending the support team your question.

Make sure you select one of the following help topics to ensure that we can direct your question to the correct support member. Help Topics include:

  • EduCase support: will inform the EduCase team of bugs or problems found on the EduCase user interface only.
  • Login support: will inform the appropriate support individuals assigned to help you with your user id and password.
  • Website support: will send your support request to the appropriate support member to help with almost all other questions.
  • Billing Support: will send your support request to our billing department team.

Why do I see "You do not have access to this case " in place of the "Launch the Case Viewer" button?

Cases listed in the EduCase Category Listing are restricted to "Groups". Groups are created by our Education coordinator department to manage user access to cases such as Residency groups, Workshops, or Webinar cases. If you belong to a group and you still do not have access to your case, please send a Support Ticket.

Where can I learn how to use EduCase?

EduCase Computer System Requirements

    1. Minimum Computer System Recommendations:
      1. Platform: Windows XP or Vista and Mac OS X
      2. Pentium III processor 1.8GHz or greater
      3. 512 MB Ram or greater (1.00 GB or greater preferred)
      4. 100 MB of disk space or greater
      5. 1024x768 Pixel Screen Resolution or greater
    2. Online Browser Requirements:
      1. Install Adobe Flash Player: (Flash Player plug-in is required to run web based and desktop EduCase application).
      2. Update Web Browser to latest version (recommended to run web-based EduCase for higher performance):
        1. Mozilla Firefox version 16 or later:
        2. Windows Internet Explorer 9 or later: (IE 8 and lower is not supported)
        3. Google Chrome version 22 or later:
        4. Safari version 5 or later:
      3. Enable JavaScript (JavaScript is required to run web-based EduCase)
    3. Desktop Application Requirements
      1. Install Adobe AIR: (Adobe AIR is required to run desktop EduCase application)
    4. iOS and Android Tablets (not supported)
      1. Currently both iOS and Android tablets are not supported. However, we will be releasing a beta version for the iPad early 2015
    5. Windows 8 touch screen (not supported)
      1. Windows 8 touch screen is not supported.
      2. How to disable/enable the touch screen on a Windows 8 computer: YouTube Instructional Video