July 10, 2017: EduMods are coming back online soon! We are revamping our backend architecture and hope to have them ready by the end of summer 2017. Please be patient and check here for updates.

The EduMod program uses the EduCase software to create a web-based program of education modules that teach and test radiation oncology skills. The EduMod program is based on the principles of active learning in the real-work environment:

Simulated work: The EduCase software reproduces the environment that radiation oncologists work in when planning treatment and interpreting imaging studies.

Reference guidelines: Each EduMod contains image atlases and text summaries that give the learner the information they need to master the topic skills.

Examinations: Each EduMod contains two examinations: A contouring exam that is graded with similarity-metric analyses and text questions with associated images. The examinations are constructed so that passing the examinations and demonstration of mastery of the topic skills are the same behavior.