ESTRO Contouring Workshops

FALCON (Fellowship in Anatomic delineation and CONtouring) is the multifunctional ESTRO platform for contouring and delineation. Attending a FALCON workshop offers the opportunity for individual professionals

  • to validate their contouring practice during live workshops by comparing them with those from experts and other participants
  • to learn the indications proposed by the experts that coordinate the workshops
  • to discuss with other participants, experts and panelists
  • to communicate and use the delineation guidelines in order to further integrate themselves into daily practice

FALCON workshops have been organized at ESTRO congresses since 2010 and have been growing steadily in popularity. LEARN MORE...

ASTRO Academy


By registering for any or all of the eContouring courses at the Annual Meeting, you will have the opportunity to contour the cases, receive instruction and then re-contour receiving a comparative score to the expert's contours. During the session, the expert not only shows his or her contours but uses the anonymous student contours to show how others should or should not contour various structures. Attendees then have the ability to go back in and re-contour to improve scores and learn from what has been taught in the contouring sessions. You will receive access to the cases for a year following the sessions.
In addition to the individual session objectives, at the end of the course, attendees should be able to do the following:

  • Identify basic anatomy in the cases presented
  • Evaluate normal tissue dose constraints versus target dose objectives
  • Demonstrate improvement in contouring skills in the cases presented between pre- and post-activity
  • Self-assess where additional contouring skills training may be needed
  • Apply newly acquired contouring skills to his/her own practice.


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