View Tools Menu

EduCase, ContouringTools, ViewTools, Header DICOM View

The "View Tools" icon allows the user to select from a popup view reconstructions in one plane or multiple planes. Once viewed as preferred by the user, contouring tools are deployed to execute the segmentation.

Single Window mode

EduCase, ContouringTools, ViewTools, 1 Window DICOM View

Two Window mode

In this example we have opened two windows, revealed the primary image (CT) from the Image Series controls in the first window, and revealed only the secondary images (MR) in the second window.

EduCase, ContouringTools, ViewTools, 2 Window DICOM View

Four Window mode

In this example we have opened the four window mode and revealed multiple data sets from the Image Series controls to each window.

EduCase, ContouringTools, ViewTools, 4 Window DICOM View

Orthogonal Window mode

In the orthogonal view you can:

  • scroll using the mouse roller in each window
  • hold the space bar to initiate the guidelines and move them to change each window view
  • toggle on/off any number of contours in each window view
  • swap windows by dragging a smaller window header bar on to the larger window position
  • draw contour in the Axial/Transversal window and have the contours display in other windows as you progress

EduCase, ContouringTools, ViewTools, Orthoganal Window DICOM View