Unless otherwise specified, each EduMod is qualified by the American Board of Radiology in meeting the criteria for self-assessment toward the purpose of fulfilling requirements in the ABR Maintenance of Certification Program (2.0 SAM Credit per Module).

If you want to claim SAM CME credit for a given module you must:

  • Complete each section of the module in the required sequence and time allotment.
  • Achieve a passing grade on all examinations related to the module

The Certificate of Completion documents that you have met the requirements for 2.0 SAM CME credit for a given module:

  • Save a copy of the Certificate for your records
  • Record your SAM CME credit with the organization that evaluates your CME status

(For example, if you participate in the ABR MOC program, record your SAM CME credits in the appropriate table on the MOC website)

Conflict of Interest:
The author of this module has disclosed that they have no relevant financial relationships. No one else in a position to control content has any financial relationship(s) to disclose.