The Software Usability Measurement Inventory is a rigorously tested and proven method of measuring software quality from the end user's point of view.

SUMI is a consistent method for assessing the quality of use of a software product or prototype, and can assist with the detection of usability flaws before a product is shipped.

It is backed by an extensive reference database embedded in an effective analysis and report generation tool.

Who should use SUMI?

SUMI is recommended to any organisation which wishes to measure the perceived quality of use of software, either as a developer, a consumer of software, or as a purchaser/consultant. SUMI is increasingly being used to set quality of use requirements by software procurers.

SUMI also assists the manager in identifying the most appropriate software for their organisation. It has been well documented that if staff have quality tools to work with, this contributes to overall efficiency of staff and the quality of their work output.

Our customers have used SUMI effectively to:

  • assess new products during product evaluation
  • make comparisons between products or versions of products
  • set targets for future application developments.

SUMI has been used specifically within development environments to:

  • set verifiable goals for quality of use attainment
  • track achievement of targets during product development
  • highlight good and bad aspects of an interface.

SUMI is the de facto industry standard questionnaire for analysing users' responses to desktop software or software applications provided through the internet.

Why use SUMI?

SUMI is the only commercially available questionnaire for the assessment of the usability of software which has been developed, validated, and standardised on an international basis.

There is a large range of languages in which SUMI is available. Each language version is carefully translated and validated by native speakers of the language.

SUMI ennables measurement of some of the user-orientated requirements expressed in the European Directive on Minimum Health and Safety Requirements for Work with Display Screen Equipment (90/270/EEC).

SUMI is mentioned in the ISO 9241 standard as a recognised method of testing user satisfaction.