Radiation Oncology Residency Training Programs

RadOnc eLearning Center is pleased to offer two contour training packages to Radiation Oncology Residency training programs at special subscription rates.

EduMods – training packages containing video lectures, exams, and contouring exercises on specific treatment sites.

EduCase – practice exercises with self-testing associated with treatment plans at specific sites. Radiation Oncology Residency training programs are offered multi-year subscriptions to EduCase at a special rate. The standard features of EduCase are described here.

A subscribing residency training program can either upload their own cases from a local treatment planning computer, or they may use any of a selection of cases made available by RadOnc eLearning Center to Radiation Oncology Residency subscribers. Assistance with uploading studies to EduCase is available from RadOnc eLearning Center staff.

To obtain the most benefit from the use of EduCase, the treatment target and normal structures included in a Residency training case should be selected to meet a set of instructional objectives for the case. The subscriber should formulate their instructional objectives to meet the needs of their individual program. Assistance with formulating instruction objectives is offered by the RadOnc eLearning Center partners.