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UTSW POTEN-C Patient 2

Trial title:
Prostate oncologic therapy while ensuring neurovascular conservation (POTEN-C): a Phase II randomized controlled trial of stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SAbR) with or without neurovascular sparing for erectile function preservation in localized prostate cancer

This randomized multi-center phase II trial will investigate whether neurovascular element sparing using a dose-painting technique during rectal spacer facilitated stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SAbR) will improve sexual function outcomes during treatment of localized prostate cancer. Key to its implementation will be quality controlled MR/CT fusion based delineation of neurovascular bundles and internal pudendal arteries and careful dose-painting de-escalation of dose in prostate gland adjacent to at least one neurovascular bundle where there is no MRI evidence of clinical significant prostate cancer. The EduCase modules for this trial will help credential and prepare investigators during trial launch.

Principle Investigator:
Neil Desai, MD


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Resource Files:
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- EduCase Training Video: How to contour, complete the homework, and save/submit
- EduCase User Guide
- EduCase Metrics Guide (basic)

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