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Dr. Komeela Naidoo: Nasopharynx: AORTIC 2019

eContouring Workshop: The African Organisation for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC) will host its 12th International Conference on Cancer in Africa from 5 to 8 November 2019 in Maputo, Mozambique

eContouring Faculty:
Onyi Balogon - Breast
Rebecca Wong - Rectal
Komeela Naidoo - Head and Neck

GTV_P on slices 96, 95, 94, 93, 92
CTV_HR on slices 97, 96, 95, 94
CTV_N on slices 79, 78, 77, 76, 75, 74

Enabled Contours for reference: GTV_N
Disabled Contours: All others with GTV, CTV or PTV

Resource Files:
- KN Nasopharynx Vignette
- EduCase Training Video: How to contour, complete the homework, and save/submit
- EduCase User Guide
- EduCase Metrics Guide (basic)

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Image Modalities: CT
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Contoured Structures: BODY, GTV N, GTV P, CTV HR, CTV N, PTV 60, CTV N 60, CTV P, OPTIC CHIASM, RT EYE, LT LENS, RT OPTIC NERVE, SPINAL CORD, LT EYE, RT LENS, 12 more structures...
Dr. Phillip Devlin:: LROC Harvard University: Brain

Harvard University eContouring Residency Program

Contour Homework:

Disabled Contours: All "Author's Structures" are disabled
Enabled Contours: None

Resource Files:
Vignette for this case is unavailable...
EduCase User Guide

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Whole Brain: demo
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