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Dr. David Palma:: Abdominal SABR: Large Adrenal Metastasis

SBRT Symposium Amsterdam July 4-5, 2019

Dr David Palma

STOMACH on slices 80, 75, 70
BOWEL on slices 55, 50, 45
SPLEEN on slices 80, 70, 60
PANCREAS on slices 61, 59
IGTV on slices 69, 64, 59, 54, 49

Disabled Contours: All contours disabled
Enabled Contours: None

Resource Files:
- Contouring Case_Adrenal.pdf
- EduCase Training Video: How to contour, complete the homework, and save/submit
- EduCase User Guide
- EduCase Metrics Guide (basic)

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Total Slices: 128
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Image Modalities: CT
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Contoured Structures: STOMACH, BOWEL, SPLEEN, PANCREAS, IGTV, Kidney L, Kidney R, Cord, Lung R1, Lung L1, Heart, PTV, AORTA, BOWEL PRV, LIVER, 1 more structures...